Safety and the 70's

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Does it seem as though some of our products have a bit of a 70's flair?  You wouldn't be wrong.  In fact, there is a reason behind this, so please stick around and read along...

The year was 1970.  Richard Nixon was the current president in office, Paul McCartney announced that the Beatles were breaking up, and the Apollo 13 spacecraft, which was meant to land on the moon, returned to earth after an oxygen tank had exploded, preventing the astronauts from ever taking their walk.  It was also the year a very important bill was passed into law, one that would change the face of workplace safety forever.  Though many things had changed for the better, the unfortunate downfall to the Industrial Revolution was the increase in workplace hazards and the growing number of injuries and deaths of workers; something had to be done.  As Health and Safety Professionals know, the law which was passed is known as the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.  It's purpose - to assist employers in creating a safe working environment for their employees to work in.  A place free from hazards and one that would allow employees to return home safely to their families each and every night.  

Feeling inspired by this milestone; 50 years since the law was passed, Vicki's Safety Creations will be debuting designs throughout the year inspired by the 1970's.  Colors, fonts, even slangs from that era - various elements combined with safety to remind us of a time when a change to workplace safety would result in a safer working conditions for all.  


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  • Love this. I started college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1974 as a biology major. By mid year I knew that wasn’t the path for me. A wonderful English professor suggested I look into a new department called Safety Science that combined mostly science with some business courses. Perfect. Spent 40 years making a difference. It wasn’t easy but so worthwhile.

    Danielle LaPorta on

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