Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WISE Store?
The WISE Store is an online system for individuals to buy WISE logo items to benefit the WISE Scholarship Fund through the ASSP Foundation.
Is The WISE Store an ASSP Apparel Site?
No. The WISE Store is coordinated by our WISE volunteers and a third-party vendor.  For any issues, contact the vendor directly at info@vickissafetycreations.com  or refer to the vendor’s Terms of Service.
How do I access The WISE Store?
Access The WISE Store directly at www.vickissafetycreations.com, listed under the Community Collections tab.
Do I have to be a WISE member to purchase items?
No.  Everyone is welcome to purchase through this online system.
What percentage of my purchase benefits the WISE PEG?
15% of all proceeds are donated to the WISE PEG.
I have a problem with my order.  Who do I contact?
Contact the vendor directly at sales@vickissafetycreations.com
Reviewed February 18, 2022