Newfane Historical Society FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Woman's Suffrage Movement Collection?
In an effort to provide help in the community, Vicki's Safety Creations has created this collection 
Is this a direct Newfane Historical Society Apparel Site?
No.  The collection was created and sold by Vicki's Safety Creations.  For any issues, contact the vendor directly at  or refer to the vendor’s Terms of Service.
How do I access the Women's Suffrage Collection?
Access the Women's Suffrage Movement Collection directly at
Do I have to be a society member to purchase items?
No.  Everyone is welcome to purchase through this online system, however the society is always open to new members and volunteers!
What percentage of my purchase benefits the Newfane Historical Society?
15% of all proceeds are donated to the society 
I have a problem with my order.  Who do I contact?
Contact the vendor directly at
For more information about the Newfane Historical Society, located in Newfane NY, please visit