COVID-19 Updates

How is Vicki's Safety Creations adapting to COVID-19?

September 10, 2020

Although the COVID-19 situation is ongoing, it appears things are finally adjusting back to normal.  The health & safety of both our customers and Vicki's is first and foremost.  Both Vicki's and it's fulfillment partners are doing everything to ensure the continued sanitization of products as well as the facilities. 

Our fulfillment partners have been busy filling orders and tackling the increased demand in online orders as well as preparing for the upcoming holiday season. We are seeing minimal delays and fewer issues with our shipping carriers as well.

We appreciate your support and look forward to a healthier and safer future.  Should we run into any further issues as a result of COVID-19, we will be sure to pass that information along.  

We thank you!!  Stay safe, stay well!  




July 28, 2020 Update

We thank you for your patience and support as we continue to ride this COVID roller coaster that we all have been on for a majority of this year.  Production with our fulfillment partners has continued with fewer delays but we have been faced with yet another, and hopefully one final hurdle, as a result of COVID.  We've noticed an increase in delays in transportation of our orders.  After reaching out to our shipping carriers, we were informed this was due to a reduced staff or restricted/limited hours.  You may have even experienced delays with packages from other merchants as well.  With luck, this will be short lived and things will return back to normal.  Should we notice your order is taking longer or encountered any other issue while in transit, we will reach out to you. 

Again, we thank you.  Stay safe, stay well!     


June 7, 2020 Update

Places of business are finally getting the chance to reopen and with new procedures in place, individuals can begin returning to work safely.  Production with our fulfillment partners has picked up and more of the items that were temporarily removed from our site will be returning in the coming weeks.  We continue to experience some delays in the fulfillment and shipping of some products (such as some of our clothing items and masks) so we ask for your continued patience as these may take a few days longer to reach you.  We will continue to keep you updated as changes take place.  We thank you for your continued support and wish you all well.    

Stay safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones!


April 29, 2020 Update

As the fight against COVID continues, the effects on businesses can be felt all over the world.  We continue to work with our fulfillment partners to print and ship our customers orders and as mentioned previously, if an item will not be available for purchase, we will remove it from the site until it is available for purchase once again.  We are experiencing some delays in fulfillment and shipping some of the products from our site, so we ask for your patience and thank you for your continued support during this rather difficult time we are all facing.  Your continued support means a great deal to us!!

Stay safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones!


April 9, 2020

We work with a fulfillment partner to print and ship our customer orders. We are in regular communication with each other for the latest updates of what is going on and how it may impact our businesses.  Our fulfillment partner is still currently operating and we continuing to accept orders. If an item is unavailable, we will remove it from our site until it is back in stock.  Fulfillment and shipping may or may not take longer than normal, but rest assured that your order will make its way to you. Your support means so much to us, especially during this difficult  time.  Stay safe and take care of yourselves!!