Adult Basic Fit 1/4 Zip Windbreaker Jacket - Safety Justice League

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Need something to keep you dry outdoors during those warm summer showers?  These 1/4 zip jackets are perfect!  Both rain and wind resistant, these 2.8oz., 100% micro poplin polyester jackets are comfortable to wear and will keep you dry from your head to your hips. A bungee at both the hood and bottom hem allow you to cinch up the jacket, especially helpful on those windier days.  Equipped with two front pockets across the front midsection, one zippered and one not, there is plenty of room to hold your wallet, cell phones, keys, etc., keeping them dry and nearby.  Because it is so lightweight and easy to fold up, this jacket can be folded up and packed easily into your bag or even stored in your car!  

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